A Refreshing and Rejuvenating Rainforest Eden

Taliwas River Conservation Area

Looking for a place to unwind and have fun with your family and friends? Just 36 kilometres from Lahad Datu, the Taliwas River provides a peaceful haven.

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Taliwas River Elephant


rainforest eden

Taliwas Waterfall



Taliwas River Conservation Area or TRCA previously known as Taliwas Camp by Sabah Forestry Department.  It covers a unique ultramafic and lowland lowland forest area of about 9,546 hectares.  In the mid-1970s to 1980s, some of the areas within TRCA had been treated either with agroforestry technique or silvicultural treatments through girdling and enrichment planting by the Sabah Forestry Department before its management was handed over to the Yayasan Sabah Group in 1991.

TRCA, one of the earliest silviculturally treated areas, enriched with dipterocarps, is managed by the Yayasan Sabah Group for research, education, training and eco-tourism.  In 2012, the area was upgraded to Class 1 (Protection) Forest Reserve. 

The presence of its natural logged over forest, easily trekked Taliwas waterfall, coupled with soothing, refreshing clean jungle fresh air and crystal clear water and fishes in Taliwas River and together with some necessary recreational infrastructures make TRCA a family destination and school retreats for outdoor recreation (picnics and camping), environmental education and motivation/team-building camps.

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kawasan konservasi sungai taliwas

Adakah anda tahu di mana Kawasan Konservasi Sungai Taliwas terletak? 

Kawasan Konservasi Sungai Taliwas atau KKST terletak di Daerah Lahad Datu.  Mengambil masa lebih kurang 7 hingga 8 jam perjalanan daripada Kota Kinabalu, atau 36km dari Bandar Lahad Datu. 

Untuk ke KKST, anda perlu menghala ke simpang masuk Jalan Danum.  Bermula dari situ, perjalanan masuk adalah lebih kurang sejam perjalanan disebabkan jalan yang tidak berturap.

KKST adalah dibawah jagaan Bahagian Konservasi & Pengurusan Alam Sekitar, Kumpulan Yayasan Sabah bagi tujuan penyelidikan, pendidikan, latihan dan eko-pelancongan.

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Scheduled & Chartered

Transfer available from Lahad Datu town/airport to Taliwas River Conservation Area.

Private Guide

You may request for private guide or local ranger to accompany you throughout your trip.

Location manager

TRCA is located about 36km from Lahad Datu town, or 24km to the west of Silam and some 45km east of Danum Valley Conservation Area.

# Best Destination for forest theraphy

Team Building Activity at Taliwas River
Taliwas River
Tasik Pandan, among other recreational acitvities can be done here is boating (2)

Taliwas River

Water Recreation at Taliwas River

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# tranquility by the city

Simple and modest accommodation & facilities available for nature lovers

The best camping site 
Taliwas River offers camping experience with true rainforest ambience and wildlife attractions.  Imagine setting up a camp by a beautiful, serene river, which is frequented by birds, mammals and reptiles.  A good place for sight seeing and wildlife observation.

Need more thrill?  At TRCA, visitors can have a nature trek in search of waterfalls, namely Taliwas Waterfall and Vanilla Waterfall.

As part of efforts toward sustainable tourism destination, the electricity supply at TRCA is only available from 6pm to 11pm daily.

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# Taliwas river sustainability efforts

Simple and modest accommodation & facilities available for nature lovers

Towards sustainable tourism

As part of efforts toward becoming a sustainable tourism destination, the electricity supply at TRCA is only available from 6pm to 11pm daily.

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Taliwas Forestry and Recreation Area, the best camping site of Sabah.  

Personally, I think Taliwas Forestry & Recreation Area (or Taliwas Park) in Lahad Datu is the Best Camping Site in Sabah.  Whether you like rainforest, river, waterfall or lake, Taliwas Park has all these.  The park is also very well-managed by Yayasan Sabah Foundation and camper-friendly. - MySabah

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There are two security gates along the road leading to TRCA, namely at KM 11 and KM 21 (TRCA gate).  Gate at KM 11 close at 9:00 pm daily, therefore visitors are advised to arrive at TRCA before sunset.  Gate at KM 21 close at 10:00 pm daily.  Both gates open at 6:00 am daily.

The TRCA also has an office opposite to Lahad Datu Airport.  However, it is advisable to make your booking arrangement early with our reservation team at WhatsApp Business Number at +6017 3488433.

Self-drive vehicles into the TRCA are required to apply for the vehicle permit in advance.

By road: from Kota Kinabalu (10 hours), from Sandakan (5 hours) and from Tawau (4 hours).

Prior reservation should be made in advance.

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(Headquarter) Conservation & Environmental Management Division, Level 12, Tun Mustapha Tower, 88817 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia / (Branch office)  Block 3, MDLD 3286, Ground Floor, Fajar Centre, P.O.Box 60282, 91112 Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia.

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