Rainforest Scientific Exploration
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Rainforest Scientific Exploration
Taliwas River Conservation Area (TRCA) is one of the conservation areas managed by Yayasan Sabah since 1992. It covers a unique ultramafic and lowland forests with an acreage of 9,456 hectares. In 2012, the area was officially upgraded and gazetted as Class 1 Forest Reserve and included under Danum Valley Management Committee (DVMC).

Since TRCA is established, there is no survey or expedition conducted to officially record its wildlife diversity and resources information.  Therefore, Yayasan Sabah is planning to organize a scientific exploration in TRCA.  

The main purpose of the scientific exploration is to assess its wildlife diversity and its potential as research and eco-recreation destination.  The data obtained is crucial for the formulation of TRCA management plan.  This data also important as supplementary data for the revision of Danum Valley Strategic Management Plan.

Besides that, information collected from the scientific exploration will act as data to support the uniqueness of TRCA.  The data will eventually become a promotion tool to promote TRCA as a research and eco-recreation destination for local and international.

The tentative date for the scientific exploration to be held from 7th June 2022 until 17th June 2022 (12 Days).  The TRCA Scientific Exploration have the following objectives:

  • To obtain information for the formulation of the TRCA management plan;
  • To obtain TRCA's scientific data on flora (Botany) and fauna diversity, geology and geography setting, hydrology, water quality, and other aspects;
  • To assess suitable future research activity in TRCA, and
  • To assess TRCA's potential as an eco-recreation destination.

In order to facilitate the scientific exploration arrangement, the management had made an arrangement with the following department/ agency to be part of the organizing committee:

  • Yayasan Sabah (Main Organizer)
  • Sabah Forestry Department
  • Sabah Wildlife Department
  • Universiti Malaysia Sabah
  • Universiti Teknologi MARA
  • University College Sabah Foundation
  • Sabah Parks
  • WWF-Malaysia
  • Sabah Environmental Trust
  • Sabah Tourism Board, and
  • Sabah Biodiversity Centre

A post-exploration seminar will be held tentatively a month after the exploration is completed.  The seminar will be the platform for the exploration participants to present and share their findings with the public.